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School/Family Compact 2019-2020

Woodland Elementary School

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WES Core Beliefs

*All Students Can Learn
*Recognize and Respect the Diversity of our Students
*Instruction Should Meet All Students’ Needs
*High Expectations are Necessary for All Wranglers
*Positive and Respectful Teamwork Strengthens Problem Solving

Teacher (applies to all WES Faculty Members):
I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and my role as a teacher and model. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
1. Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction.
2. Endeavor to motivate my students to learn.

3. Have high expectations and help every child to develop a love of learning.
4. Communicate regularly with families about student progress.
5. Provide a warm, safe, and caring learning environment.
6. Teach digital citizenship strategies to students and parents.

Teacher Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _________________

I know my education is important to me. It will help me become the best person I can be. Therefore, I agree to do the following:
1. Do my class work on time.
2. Return corrected work to my parent/guardian.
3. Be at school on time.
4. Be responsible for my own behavior.
5. Pay attention and do my work.
6. Be safe, respectful, and responsible.
7. Be a responsible digital citizen.

Student Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _________________________

I realize my child’s school years are very important. I also understand my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
1. Go over my child’s assignment with him/her.
2. Give my child a quiet place to study.
3. Make sure my child gets enough sleep at night.
4. Make sure my child is at school on time.
5. Spend at least 30 minutes each day reading with my child.
6. Attend open house, school events, and parent-teacher conferences.
7. Monitor my child’s social media activity and encourage responsible digital citizenship.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________