Woodland Elementary School is excited to introduce our BUDDY-A-THON!

Our Buddy-A-Thon runs 1/19-2/3. Participating students get to pick and help “build their own” huggable, lovable Buddy when the Bear Factory brings their mobile “Create a Plush Buddy” event to our school in February. It’s an awesome event that the kids will love!

Please support our efforts by registering and sending as many emails and/or texts as possible via our system, to your friends and family. Once registered, you can also share your link on your social media platforms to help your student and our school.

The money raised will go specifically for student incentives at Woodland!

Parents: Please register your student and help them send 10+ emails/texts. TheMegaBlast.com/join/WoodlandES

Don’t forget to include your own email address so you can place donations online. Send emails to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone you think might want to help your student and our school! All students that send 10+ valid emails/texts earn a Kung Fu Coop Keychain/Lanyard & Drawstring Buddy Bag! Once registered, choose which Buddy & outfits you’d love to receive when you reach the award levels below.

Student Awards:
$50+ in donations raised= a Buddy of your choice!! They are 16” in size, are “department store” quality, and come with a Birth Certificate and a Heart insert.
$150+ in donations raised= an Outfit of your choice for your Buddy!
$275+ in donations raised= another Outfit for your Buddy!
$400+ in donations raised= Students will have a Buddy donated to a local children’s charity in the student’s name here in Zephyrhills!
$525+ in donations raised= A “Buddy for a Buddy”! Earn another Buddy that you can keep, give to a sibling or a friend at school!
$650+ in donations raised= an Outfit for your “Buddy for a Buddy”.
$775+ in donations raised= another Outfit for your Buddy for every additional $125 raised.